Wednesday :: Jun 20, 2007

Smearing The Boos

by Steve

MSNBC image of Reuters photo

Hillary made her appearance at Take Back America this morning, and like last year, some in the crowd booed her. The right wing smear merchants at Fox have already started peddling the crap that she was booed for saying supportive things about the troops, when in fact as Bill Scher tells us (who was in the room) Hillary was booed for spreading once again the Beltway meme that the Iraqis are primarily to blame for the mess the Bush Administration has created. For the Mighty Wurlitzer to peddle the crap that progressives don’t support the troops is nothing new: as Barbara O’Brien at Mahablog noted at the time, Michelle Malkin peddled the exact same lie last year when Hillary spoke at the same conference.

We’ve seen Mitch McConnell and other GOP war enablers already road test this argument that the Iraqis are primarily responsible for their broken country. Such pathetic attempts at blame-transfer help the administration's war criminals, their enablers in Congress, and the GOP base keep their happy thoughts about the catastrophe they created. As we head towards 2008, Democrats need to remind the media and the country where the real blame lies for Iraq and a failed war against Al Qaeda. At least Tom Curry of MSNBC got the point and wasn’t drinking the right wing Kool Aid when he wrote his account.

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