Monday :: Jun 25, 2007

In What Kind of Countries Does That happen?

by paradox

In my last update toward possible impeachment of the President, the Boston Globe does a good job of garnering quotes and the rationale for the letting the most dangerous crooked President we’ve ever seen totally off the hook. Basically the evasion boils down to two elements: Bush is self-destructing nicely, why take the risks to do it ourselves and rally support for him? If we start the fight to impeach, Republicans will get mad at us and we won’t be able to get anything done.

The cringing, fearful evasive mental stance required for these rationales is sickening and disgusting. Machiavellians like myself know like the sun rises easily attainable successful prosecution of the President will erode support for the murdering lying felon, not rally it. Increased exposure to heinous killing felony enhances political stature, if you’re a cringing abused co-dependent enabling sycophant, yes.

After what happened with the Iraq war and Energy bills everyone hopes you don’t accomplish a god damn thing at all for the next two years, my delicate DC Democrats. Cripple the legislative agenda because reactionary felon killing lying crooks are mad at you? Not a problem.

“Time is short,” Digby said of impeachment at the Firedoglake book salon yesterday. That means DC Democrats would have to do a mental and political impeachemnt 180 right fucking now to prosecute Bush, which is not happening, ever.

I’m sick of writing about my party that only starts a Zoloft watch for me among readers. Fine, DC dickheads, you win on impeachment, but know like the sky is blue acquiescence to impeachment obsequy forever, with nuclear blazing clarity and fury, etches these facts into the historical record about 21st century Democrats:

Unable to lead, unable to seize opportunity, fearful, unprincipled, and easily manipulated. Faced with the worst Executive threat the country has ever faced Democrats ran, incredibly giving green lights to future Executives to be just as bad and taking a huge shit on the rule of law, truth, justice and competence.

That verdict is in today, and there will never be a way to change it. If that were not bad enough there is also the incredible risk of the next 16 months of Bush/Cheney criminal insane leadership. Glenn Greenwald thinks the threats of attacking Iran are totally credible and increasing likely, while Digby notes there’s nothing—not a god damn thing—to stop Cheney from attacking Iran if the order is given.

If Party leadership doesn’t like being labeled obsequious sniveling losers for not impeaching Bush I would implore them, under the strongest possible terms I could ever muster, to consider what history will judge and write of them if they blow the Iran risk and the world consequently goes berserk for quickly descending into hell when Cheney orders the attack. You’ve got a 16 month wait window on that incredible horror show judgment, have fun, nimrods.

So here we are again, Messrs. Dean, Pelosi, and Reid, you are stuck with this obstreperous loyal Party member because I have no other place to go, and maybe in my daughter’s lifetime she might have a real party that servers little people if I stick around, so here I shall stay, you assholes.

But forever quiet on the matter of impeachment forthwith, it’s never happening, the judgments are irrevocably in and the incredible risks taken already set. Fine, we’ll wait and work on other things. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democratic Party base is an uproar of roiled anger over Iraq in summer dog days I have never seen before and needs a win and attention so bad there’s hardly a way to write it.

That no child left behind fuckup George Miller is championing the gender pay discrimination bill in an incredulous act of justice, bravery and leadership? Miz Pelosi, please smash that bill through with a searing media strategy that shows the base you’ll fight for them. Maybe that way we wouldn’t have to hear how DC Democrats can’t even impeach Gonzales this week, it would rally support for the lying felon, don’t you know?

Atrios says scolding Reid and Pelosi is wankery, and maybe he’s right. If nothing else the record will show I reject this “leadership” behavior utterly, it was easy to resolve this crisis in a way to preserve the country, but we failed. Okay, I’ve done it, now I’ll move on with whatever country I’m left with.

“In what kind of countries does that happen?” Laura Rozen asks this morning, incredulously aghast that the Vice President would try to strong-arm a federal judge. Well, the same kind of country that steals elections, starts wars for nothing and tries a mafia squeeze on a sick hospitalized Attorney General.

Ours. That’s my country, all right, and if the cretins I pledge my political allegiance to are going to risk it all by just sitting there then I suggest they come up with a short-term political win. Fast, for the love of baby Jesus. There’s a huge vacuum for American political leadership right now, and if the Democratic base keeps getting abused we could lose the Senate and Presidency for 2008, we really could. The base is angry and impatient in a way I have never seen before.

H/t to Miss Laura of The Daily Kos for the Boston Globe link, and thanks also to Jane Hamsher/Firedoglake for the book salon quotes.

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