Wednesday :: Jun 27, 2007

Republicans and the Earth

by paradox

For the first time in 30 years a Spring has come and gone with all my fishing rods still gathering dust in the garage, old line still in the reels, no new trolling gizmos, nothing going on at all. The west coast salmon fishery has been essentially shut down, along with the rockfish, and I’m not speeding their demise in my tiny way by fishing.

Many years late (God forbid American journalism could perform relevant reporting before an election) the Washington Post finally got around to fleshing out the details on what happened to the Klamath salmon in 2001. Oregon had been gripped by drought, and the law and the science mandated that the Klamath be diverted water from farmers so the river could stay cold and healthy.

As we all know, according to Republicans Science and Law are inconvenient bullshit lies that keep Americans from making money or screwing liberals, so Dick Cheney attacked the perfectly valid good science mandating Klamath salmon be protected, eventually getting those precious Oregon Republican farmers their water and votes. [Modern Republicans write off Californians, so they don’t care how many Californian fisherman and residents were enraged when their part of the Klamath fishery was trashed.]

The results were so predictable: one of the worst Salmon kills in history unfolded on the Klamath that 2001 summer, at least 70,000 fish fouling the river in a horror to fishermen, environmentalists, and river people. The answer from DC to frantic pleas for help was fuck you, the fish and the earth, Cheney got his Oregon Republican neanderthals happy, so we’re just thrilled! Beat it, dirty fucking hippie.

Man is not master of the earth and in no way controls any of the environment. All man has demonstrably done with the Earth, in fact, is to exploit and slowly kill it with greedy short-sightedness. We have to change if earth is to survive, not somehow magically change the laws of physics and biology so we can blunder along with money in our pockets.

Hello? The biology of the earth is us. We are biological, if the earth fails we fail. We cannot, under any scenario or circumstances, keep on as we are, not in air pollution emissions, not in land in water use, or in our rape of the oceans.

Republicans only care about their god damn money, they can’t even comprehend that the root word for "conservatism" is conserve, for the love of baby Jesus, we want our money and our oil, fuck everyone and everything else, liberal. Really, we’ll kill the fish, rape the earth and ruin the livelihoods of river people and fisherman for our money, and if you don’t like it you’re just an American-hater. Conserve? Conservative? How amusing.

Dick Cheney is in power, he can’t be removed and the dead Klamath fish won’t come back, but I just hope that somehow, in some way, a Republican reads this and comprehends just a tiny sliver of the rage I feel at this incredible desecration of the Klamath.

Cheney is still there and the fish are gone, but I am not and I’m spending the rest of my life writing about what greedy lying thugs Republicans are while doing everything I can to defeat them. Hear me, lying killing rapacious Republicans? Abuse of our earth and people will not be allowed to take place in a vacuum. Over the long run in a lot of ways Republicans are going to pay for this.

Get it? Continue the porcine mentality of Cheney toward our earth and your political party will be relegated to permanent oblivion. Perhaps it may take New York City to be flooded from global warming to wake people up to what Republicans really are, but rest assured if that day is fifty years from now I will be there waiting, oh yes, and whaddaya know, details of what precisely Cheney did to the Klamath will be in my back pocket and the record will be clear as to what Republican animals did this to us and our biology. I don’t forget.

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