Saturday :: Jul 7, 2007

Faulty Expectations

by Steve

A day after Lindsey Graham and John McCain returned from Iraq saying the escalation was succeeding beyond their expectations in getting the Sunnis to help us defeat Al Qaeda, both were made out to be fools and liars when a single bombing outside of Baghdad carried out by suspected Al Qaeda operatives with Sunni support killed nearly 120 Shiites. As to the alleged success of the escalation, eight American soldiers were killed over the last two days in McCain and Graham’s escalation beyond their expectations.

I doubt the American public considers the surge a success if we keep losing 1-2 dozen soldiers a week policing areas that the Iraqis should police themselves, while the Sunnis continue to blow up Shiites beyond the reach of our expanded security operations.

And for those who forget, who is bankrolling the Sunni insurgency at this time? The Saudis, after Dick Cheney asked them to.

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