Monday :: Jul 9, 2007

Pushing An Advantage

by Steve

The emerging GOP fall back position is to now suddenly accept the Iraq Study Group (ISG) findings, as a way for vulnerable Republican incumbents to save their jobs next November, something we predicted several months ago. The New York Times reports that in an effort to stop a snowballing Republican loss of support for the surge, the White House is contemplating reversing it and indicating support for the ISG, although Tony Snow denied the accuracy of the Times’ report at today’s lie-fest. The NYT editorial board says enough is enough.

The Washington Post reports that the Iraqis will fail to reach any of the benchmarks that Bush laid out months ago that he used to justify the surge.

As for the Iraqis, their Foreign Minister says that an immediate American withdrawal would lead to a civil war and collapse of his government, as if this wasn’t happening already. He also mentions that Turkey has amassed 140,000 troops on its border with Iraq who I suspect are there simply for the great climate.

And in an inconvenient development that undermines the claims by the administration and its minions of a link between Iran and Al Qaeda, the leader of an Al Qaeda affiliated group inside Iraq is ready to wage war against . . . . . Iran, if they don’t stop supporting the Shiites inside Iraq. As I said several weeks ago, Iran and the United States have a common interest in fighting Al Qaeda, and yet the Bush Administration seems more intent on fighting Iran than Al Qaeda.

The juggling act for Harry Reid over the coming weeks will be to fashion a face-saving way for vulnerable GOP incumbents to walk towards a redeployment, while keeping the heat on to force action.

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