Wednesday :: Jul 11, 2007

Senate Republicans Filibuster Against The Troops

by Steve

Senate Republicans just showed how much they care about the troops. Mitch McConnell got Joe Lieberman and 39 Republicans to go along with him in filibustering to death Jim Webb’s amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization bill that would have required mandatory downtime for troops and Guard units before being redeployed to Iraq. As Bob Geiger noted, there were however seven Republicans who joined the Democrats in trying to insert such troop-saving requirements into the bill.

If Senate Republicans and Joe Lieberman are so willing to filibuster against troop readiness and saving our military, then perhaps Harry Reid should try one more time for the Webb amendment as well as the emerging Levin/Reed and other bipartisan amendments to the 2008 budget bill that would call for a mission change and redeployment. If McConnell and Lieberman filibuster those as well, then Reid should stop all action on the 2008 defense budget and force the GOP senators to go home on summer recess and explain to their constituents why they are against funding the troops, against saving the military, and against 70% of public opinion on ending our occupation of Iraq.

McConnell has just handed the Democrats the club to use against them in the weeks leading up to the recess, and Reid needs to hammer the message that the GOP and White House do not support the troops and are willing to cut off funding.

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