Monday :: Jul 16, 2007

No Replay Of 2002

by Steve

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We’ve grown accustomed to seeing this White House, its GOP enablers in Congress, and their spin merchants in the media ignore public opinion and logic, and instead move in the opposite direction from what may be expected. Get ready for this to happen again. If the public wants the White House to focus on getting out of Iraq by April 2008, and if the public wants us to resolve differences with Iran through diplomacy, you can count on a diversion, a troop increase in Iraq, and another war.

Don’t be surprised if the Pentagon and the White House actually take General Petraeus’ report in September as the justification to actually increase troops in Iraq. The goal is to play to a draw until 2009, and if the White House comes out of the 2008 budget debate with no withdrawal timeline embedded in the defense budget, they will have won. One way to make that happen is to use the August summer recess to seed the ground for a troop increase.

Amidst signs that the Iranians are looking for an exit strategy with the Europeans and the IAEA, both Dick Cheney and the United States Senate seemingly want another war.

What the White House and right wing noise machine are counting on this year is a replay of 2002, when the sleepwalking Democrats left town and allowed the administration and neocon spinmeisters during the news vacuum in the August recess to build a case for war with Iraq. This year, Mitch McConnell is planning to filibuster the Senate into getting nothing done until the summer recess, so that the Democrats cannot build momentum and own the news cycles while Congress is out of town.

To that end, Harry Reid’s action today to confront the filibuster tactic by forcing the GOP to defend and maintain a filibuster all day and all night until they allow votes on Iraq amendments to the 2008 defense budget is correct. Reid must force the GOP to defend a filibuster for an unpopular war, but he needs to go a step further and tell the GOP that there will be no August recess if necessary, and that the Senate will stay in session to do the people’s business even if the GOP doesn’t, and even if the Iraqi parliament goes on vacation. Democrats need to own the news vacuum in August and set the negatives against the obstructionist GOP leadership, and take away the White House’s ability to build a case for a troop increase and another war while everyone is out of town during the recess.

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