Tuesday :: Jul 31, 2007

Gunning For The Kurds

by Steve

I was going to comment on this yesterday, but didn’t get around to it. Our most reliable ally amongst the three top officials in the Iraqi government has been Kurdish Vice President Jalal Talabani, who whenever necessary is ready to parrot the administration line that an American withdrawal would be catastrophic. How is Talabani rewarded for his unwavering support for Cheney’s policy?

Bob Novak reports yesterday that someone has leaked to him details of a secret intelligence briefing provided to Congress last week by a Cheney stalwart, who told the startled senators and representatives that to prevent Turkey from invading Iraq, Turkey has been promised Special Operations assistance to fight, capture, and kill if necessary Kurdish guerrillas.

Aside from the question of how we are able to divert Special Operations forces from the hunt for Al Qaeda towards this ill-designed policy, Cheney’s people think our role in capturing and killing Kurdish guerrillas is sure to work, and can be concealed from the Kurds and everyone else. And they obviously think that Talabani and the rest of the Kurdish leadership inside Iraq will not be outraged at another Bush betrayal.

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