Tuesday :: Jul 31, 2007

Will Stevens And The GOP Kill Ethics Reforms?

by Steve

After the House passed major ethics and lobbying changes today by a 411-8 margin, GOP senator and soon-to-be felon Ted Stevens told Dick Cheney and his fellow GOP co-conspirators that he might block the ethics bill from coming to a vote in the Senate later this week.

I hope that Harry Reid is paying attention and getting his message machine going to set the narrative in advance of any such action. It could be a long summer recess for the GOP if their Senate caucus has blocked ethics reforms, Iraq redeployments, and sided with the White House to kill an SCHIP expansion. It would be fun to hammer their asses the entire month of August on the "culture of corruption", "war without end", and "$145 bilion for war; nothing for kids" angles.

And if Rove is telling the GOP's candidates in 2008 that 2006 had nothing to do with Bush and Iraq, but everything to do with the culture of corruption, then it's clear that Stevens and every GOP senator who blocks ethics reform obviously didn't get that memo.

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