Thursday :: Aug 2, 2007

Rudy Is Fox's Candidate

by Steve

If you are wondering if Rudy Giuliani gets special treatment on Fox, compared to other Republicans, wonder no more. Rudy and Roger Ailes have been friends for over 20 years, and Rudy has been on Fox News 25% more than Mitt Romney and significantly more than John McCain. Yet Brit Hume, who fancies himself a journalist instead of the political hack that he is, says with a straight face that Ailes does not influence coverage. And Sean Hannity, who has a man-crush on Rudy, has featured Giuliani far more on his show than other GOP candidates.

No one should doubt that Fox News wants Rudy to get the GOP nomination, or that Fox wants a Rudy-Hillary race next year. And from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, both of them solidified their positions over the last month or so, with Hillary now opening up a 6-point lead over Giuliani. The New York media empires like Fox are rooting for an all New York campaign next year, and they have the clout to smear and damage candidates who don't meet with their approval, hence the fixation on John Edwards' hair cuts or the stories on Romney's Mormon faith. Yet the same media empires that trashed John Kerry for being an elitist New Englander are now cheering for this battle of the hand-picked Northeastern insiders.

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