Thursday :: Aug 2, 2007

Democrats Pass Tougher Ethics and Lobbying Requirements

by Steve

Democrats tackled one more issue from the "100 Hours" agenda this afternoon when the Senate voted 83-14 to toughen lobbying and ethics requirements, and sent the bill on to President Bush. Every one of the 14 votes against lobbying and ethics reform was cast by a GOP senator, including those cast by Trent Lott and "Straight Talk" John McCain. McCain's reasons for voting against the legislation, namely the earmark provisions in the bill, were dismissed by Harry Reid as "ludicrous", which also goes for whatever McCains says about Iraq.

The bill isn't as tough as it should be, but given the GOP's refusal to do anything itself when it controlled Congress, Republican catcalls about the bill not going far enough are nothing more than hypocritical rantings. Besides, these GOP complaints will be rammed down their throats in 2009 when a Democratic Congress with larger majorities sends a tougher bill to a Democratic president.

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