Friday :: Aug 3, 2007

Bush Administration Killed Increased Highway Repairs In 2004

by Steve

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The Republicans have no problem rubber-stamping $144 billion a year into a failed war in Iraq and Afghanistan without demanding results. But if we committed that same $12 billion a month out of a $2 trillion federal budget, and paid for it with a gas tax increase, we could address our infrastructure needs by the end of the next president’s first term. And we would create millions of good paying jobs at the same time and do our economy a world of good, especially if we married it to a redirection of oil and gas subsidies and a gas tax increase towards development of a domestic, sustainable energy industry.

But for the sake of four cents a gallon back in 2004, the Bush Administration said no additional money would be provided for roads and bridges. Yet we pour billions of borrowed money into Iraq every month.

When a bipartisan majority in Congress suggested increasing the federal excise tax on gasoline back in 2004 for the first time since 1993 to pay for road and bridge projects, the White House threatened to veto the measure because it contained a tax increase. At the time, the White House said they would not support any increase in federal gas taxes to pay for road improvements, and then said that highway needs must be met solely through the existing, woeful level of funding in the highway fund and not the general fund, a position that by all accounts within Congress and among transportation experts shortchanged our true needs to the tune of several hundred billion dollars.

But the White House says "let's not politicize this", like they did to cover up their negligence after Katrina.

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