Wednesday :: Aug 8, 2007

What a Pretty Sunset

by paradox

I’ve noticed since all the horror started last Wednesday with FISA that the “sunset clause” is always instantly dismissed as a rationalization ploy that will never actually work in the given 180 day window. If the Democrats could behave this self-destructively now, why would anyone think 180 days would make a difference to such terminal politicians?

I can see the logic and reason behind the sneering judgment to the sunset on FISA, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still there. It doesn’t change the fact that our leadership looked at the political landscape of the United States and decided the blogosphere was nothing but a big fat spittoon, no, but we’ve always had faith in our power to be heard.

A campaign to truly make the sunset obviate this horror of FISA abdication would be good for me. I am calmly livid, each hour more steady in my rage that there has not been a word of explanation from Reid or Pelosi, just a statement from Webb. Poor Joe Sestak was absolutely savaged at Think Progress this morning (I helped out) just for plainly talking as the good guy he is. That wouldn’t have happened if Reid or Pelosi has stepped up before.

It would be much better for me to be a loyal Democrat again, on a path where at least there was honorable hope that efforts could improve things. I like taking orders from people I trust, I would like to help in whatever tiny way I can. I am a small person with limited talents, there is no delusion about that, but I could still be useful.

I’d like to be that kind of citizen Democrat. I don’t like being this fire breather of constituent vengeance, I like being a little voter who helps. Even so, I again contacted the party to terminate my Democracy Bond sixty minutes ago. I do…not…enable…abuse.

If we knew for certain that our leadership heard us and that there was a very good chance for the FISA to sunset we could put most of this behind us. I don’t think we can accomplish much in the holding action Congress obviously wants to embrace for the rest of Bush’s term, but at least we could save the country. That’s not hyperbole in the least, a war with Iran would finish us, we all know it.

We’d know we were listened to and heard, that our leadership tries to defend the constitution as fiercely as we do. Neither is the case right now, and that will not stand.

Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, step up and announce the sunset for FISA will be one of the prettiest ones we’ll ever see. It’s absolutely disgraceful to see you hiding like this, we’ve seen you at Daily Kos before, we know you can show up and lead again. For the sake of our party and country, please do it as soon as possible, there’s actually a way to fix this terrible mistake to a significant degree.

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