Wednesday :: Aug 8, 2007

Ask John Edwards

by John Patric

Would you like to ask John Edwards a question? He'll be in Las Vegas, Nevada late Friday afternoon at the Laborers International Union Local 872 -- and then he'll be taking part in a rally for the Culinary Workers Union. Vegas is a union town which explains (in part) why so many working people keep moving there and buying homes and raising families. You've got a better shot at the American dream working in Sin City than you do in whatever Red State you care to mention. Harry Reid understands this and, so, I'm sure, does John Edwards.

"She takes money from lobbyists, but I don't" seems to be working, in a way, for Edwards. He's been establishing that line (along with Obama) as the way to contrast his candidacy from Senator Clinton's. Her lame defense at Yearly Kos had an unprepared feel to it, a rarity for a candidate who'd been looking skilled and polished. Now, a new poll shows she remains the #1, but with a diminished percentage. This likely means that Edwards will continue to hammer away at this issue. He has policies and issues he'd like to talk about as well, but such differentiation will be central to the campaign for as long as it seems to be effective.

That's why Edwards is also slamming the NAFTA treaty as anti-union -- it's no coincidence that Senator Clinton's husband is the responsible party for the "globalization" effort that seems to help those corporations who hire lobbyists to make key campaign contributions.

A lot of folks must be asking about Elizabeth Edwards because John opened his breakout session at the event by reassuring everyone that she was "doing great." That is very good to hear.

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