Thursday :: Aug 9, 2007

Hollow Words From Walz

by Steve

Minnesota's Tim Walz, elected in 2006 as one of the new Democrats, talking about restoring faith in government:

"My constituents are thoughtful and pragmatic people who focus on outcomes rather than ideology," he said. "They want good government and ethics reform. . . . They need to have their faith restored in government. We can't just sound good."

Tell me Congressman, how did you restore faith in government by voting over the weekend to hand Alberto Gonzales and George Bush ultimate power to data mine the lives of American citizens without cause? Are you proud of that outcome Congressman, or were you simply afraid of protecting the Constitution and explaining yourself to your "thoughtful and pragmatic" constituents?

This is your idea of "good government?"

But perhaps others will want to tell you what they think as well.

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