Monday :: Aug 20, 2007

Go Away Karl, Your 15 Minutes Are Up

by Steve

I am now returning to the fold after being off several days getting our daughter situated for her second year of college in Southern California. Thanks to the rest of our editors for minding the store during my absence.

Yeah, Rove resigned and is now lying about the Plame case (are you paying attention Patrick Fitzgerald?), and is being a prick in an act of inflating his importance. But I don’t care if he is doing a reverse psychology operation on Hillary for 2008, because Rove is toxic to GOP candidates next year. No matter how he spins it and seeks to rewrite history, he consigned the modern GOP to minority party status with the politics of division whose sole objective was to do whatever was necessary to give Bush power, and then maintain it by using the federal government not to govern, but to prop up Bush. The only thing keeping the GOP from sliding into oblivion is the spineless Washington Democratic leadership.

Much like Clinton failed to help the Democrats build an infrastructure in the 1990’s, Rove has gone one worse by building and funding an infrastructure to sell a corrupt and negligent government based totally on fear, demonization of enemies, and private gain over public interest. And yet he thinks people should still listen to him about 2008 and Hillary Clinton.

Sure, Hillary's campaign should pay attention to what Rove says to see the dark side of what they will be up against next year, but a good Tier One/Tier Two campaign will deal with that. The more Rove talks about Hillary, the more it helps her.

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