Wednesday :: Aug 22, 2007

What's Another 14 Dead Soldiers To The GOP?

by Steve

At a time when a pro-war GOP group is spending $15 million in TV ads to stiffen the spine of wavering GOP representatives and push them into supporting a war without end, news comes that 14 American soldiers died today in a helicopter crash in Iraq. As to be expected, the military was quick to say that it wasn’t insurgent fire that brought the chopper down, but rather mechanical problems. They have done this before, only to come out days later when the media wasn’t looking to correct the record and report that insurgent fire was the real cause of the crash.

Nonetheless, the pro-war cabal in the GOP needs to explain why 14 soldiers died in a chopper that was falling apart and wasn’t maintained adequately enough by its private contractors on the ground in Iraq. If in fact the crash was due to mechanical problems, why is that any more acceptable that insurgent fire? It is no secret that Bush’s war is destroying our military, pushing our military equipment beyond its operating limits even under good fighting conditions, which Iraq certainly is not. Aside from what this war is doing to the soldiers and their families, this war and the administration’s lack of planning and commitment of resources to resupply and maintain our equipment is now also killing our soldiers, if we are to believe the official story behind this and other crashes.

And yet the pro-war cabal inside the GOP threatens representatives with an ad buy to scare them into voting against any change in course. They do this on the premise that any change in course in support of a people that want us the hell out of there and yet expect us to keep dying represents another Vietnam, another alleged example of Washington going soft and abandoning the troops before the mission is done. But what the hell is that mission? How many more troops will die in choppers falling apart, or poorly armored vehicles, or without adequate flak jackets, just so the pro-war cabal inside the GOP can keep making money off this war and the blood of these soldiers?

It really doesn’t matter any more if the chopper went down due to mechanical problems or from insurgent fire, because both represent a failure of Bush’s administration of this war after four years. We either are sending our overstretched forces to their deaths with inadequate equipment and support, or we are sending them to their deaths without protection and adequate intelligence and tactics to fend off insurgent attacks. Both represent negligence on the part of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and both are fully supported by the pro-war cabal inside the GOP.

Yet the Democrats wink and nod and never make an argument on these grounds. And now even the families of the fallen soldiers won't be allowed to question the president either as to why their loved ones died, because it would violate the White House protocols designed to ensure that Bush surrounds himself with only Kool Aid drinking Stepford cultists when he goes on photo ops to sell this war. He can continue in this bubble, telling the Stepford dudes at the VFW this morning, that this is just another Vietnam, and they will lap it up.

But no one makes him explain who it is that will follow us home if we leave Iraq now. Of the many groups that are fighting us today inside that country, the only one that would care to do us harm at home is Al Qaeda of Iraq, and they will be exterminated by both the Shia and the Sunnis once we leave Iraq and each can turn their weapons away from us and towards Al Qaeda. Bush says he is less than satisfied with the political progress in Iraq, gets bitch-slapped by al-Maliki, and then backs off today. Yet the reality is that the Iraqis will not pass an Oil Law that gives 80% of the revenues to Bush's friends in Big Oil; the Shiites won't share any power until they have consolidated their gains after decades of oppression; and the Sunnis will not agree to anything unless it is in writing and overseen by international monitors, and they get their own police force and army. As for the Kurds, they just want to be left alone with their oil and in charge of their own security.

So with little chance of any political progress or reconciliation being made in Iraq anytime soon; with little effective Democratic opposition to make him explain coherently why we need to stay; with a media that has moved on to the next political fight, missing blond girl, or John Edwards' haircut; and with the GOP silencing its own internal critics with ad buys and Bush appearing only in front of Stepford crowds the rest of the way, things will not change.

The GOP's profits at the expense of our troops, their families, and the American taxpayer are safe.

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