Wednesday :: Aug 22, 2007

Where Are The VC, Mr. President?

by Steve

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As I said in the earlier post, Bush will make his flawed case for staying in Iraq only in front of Stepford crowds like the VFW today and the American Legion next week. He can be sure of no critical questions or independent thinking from any of these groups, so it allows him to claim once again that Iraq is somehow Vietnam, South Korea, or Japan.

Mr. President, since you never traveled overseas before turning 40, perhaps you are simply stupid on these matters, but both Japan and South Korea are homogeneous peoples; the first accepted our occupation as a condition of a surrender from a war they started against us and lost, and the second accepts only a token tripwire force of ours as an alleged bulwark against an external threat. Iraq is neither of these things, but rather an illegal war we started against them, and an occupation of a multi-sect country against their will.

Maybe you should have spent more time in history class and less time under the barstools in Alabama.

As for Vietnam, if your claim is that they will follow us home if we leave Iraq too early, and are equating that to Vietnam, when exactly did the Viet Cong land in San Francisco? I think we all missed that, and you apparently gained some valuable insights into history that escaped the rest of us. Or maybe not.

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