Saturday :: Aug 25, 2007

Democratic Party: You’re Cut Off

by paradox

It is with extreme regret and sorrow that I publicly inform Dr. Howard Dean and the Democratic Party to terminate my $20 Democracy Bond. I’ve contacted the fools in an obnoxious manner they deserved twice in 20 days to get their fucking mitts off my money, but they’ve ignored me.

I feel like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, you know, when he’s called that meeting of all the mafia dons. So unfortunate, so unnecessary.

As I told the slimy traitors repeatedly, the final confirmation of sick, obsequious Democratic Party dysfunction was the FISA capitulation, they only get my vote in a nauseating choice of default, and just to make everything perfectly, abundantly clear for the ages:

I don’t enable psychosis.

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