Saturday :: Aug 25, 2007

Saturday Night Shakedown // Open Thread

by paradox

It’s been one of those days again, I wish I had an editor (I'm one of those writers who plain needs one, we all know it), wished I wouldn’t get so mad at what’s happened to our country.

I’m fine, there’s fine pork stew in the kitchen (with peppers’n mushrooms, home savory for herb), happy people in the house and a life to live. I have a screaming Saturday night in front of me: Barnes & Noble! Such is life in my fast lane.

I have to cruise some code books and hopefully buy the book by AdamB if they have it in stock, dern that book has a university price. I shopped and cooked’n cleaned and did laundry after blogging, a normal day like always, then my hot Saturday night. I’ll check back in later, gentle people.

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