Monday :: Aug 27, 2007

Suddenly The Iraqis Move A Little

by Steve

I'm sure that all this talk about Washington politicians having had their fill of Iraqi dawdling had nothing to do with the sudden spurt of activity amongst the political leadership in Iraq yesterday. The timing for all this activity nicely coincides with the Bush Push to stay the course in mid-September, even if the Sunnis feel that al-Maliki won't carry any of it out.

While Nouri al-Maliki was bashing only Democrats for talking about his ineffectiveness; while the CIA planted the seeds for Ayad Allawi to replace him as our new stooge; while the AP reported that statistics of increasing Iraqi deaths will undermine the Petraeus happy talk next month that we should stay for 10 more years; while it was revealed that the Iraqis were skimming our aid funds to arm insurgents to kill us; and while a key Republican now gives signs that he will pressure the White House into a change in course, the Iraqis realized that things may get even worse in their hellhole than they are now.

Note that they still don't want to move on the Oil Law, and for good reason. They know it is a recipe for Big Oil and the GOP to rape their country for the next 40-50 years.

But if it takes Hillary and Carl Levin saying bad things about him before al-Maliki governs like a Prime Minister and not an errand boy for the Shiite militias, then so be it. Hillary can do a lot worse than having Nouri al-Maliki as a foil right now.

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