Wednesday :: Aug 29, 2007

Tauscher Belittles Pentagon's "Green Zone Fog"

by Steve

California Democratic representative Ellen Tauscher, who began this year more hawkish than she is now, has just returned from her own trip to Baghdad. She takes issue with the widely reported sentiments of fellow Democrat Brian Baird of Washington state, who retracted earlier support for a withdrawal timeline to now support a no-strings commitment until at least next spring. Baird has since been roasted by his own constituents for his current position.

Tauscher noted from her trip that the Pentagon uses the typical PowerPoint presentations to convince senators and representatives that the surge is working and needs more time and patience. She characterizes the resulting bamboozlement of these members of Congress as “Green Zone fog.” She says she shared her observation that we need to significantly reduce our Iraq presence with war czar General Douglas Lute, who didn’t immediately disagree with her assessment.

While many in the blogosphere have taken part in the assault upon Baird, I would point out that he still supports a troop withdrawal starting next spring, a fact that regularly goes unreported in the fawning support he now gets from his temporary friends in the pro-war cabal and blogs.

What no one is noticing is that any withdrawal will require 12 months through southern Iraq, a route that will soon be logistically impossible when Bush attacks Iran later this year or early next year. Bush's attack upon Iran will trap our soldiers in a free-fire zone countrywide, when the warring Shiite militias that have given us a temporary reprieve can stop shooting at each other to unify in their attacks against us, after the strikes inside Iran.

Just the way Cheney planned it.

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