Friday :: Aug 31, 2007

Blogosphere Having it Both Ways on Democrats

by paradox

Steve is away on an emergency, hence the unusual posting pattern over the last 24 hours. I have no idea what’s happened, and I’m worried about him.

I am still wretched in my new Independent status, missing my people, feeling like I belong to nothing, alarmed that I might be failing the country somehow, and even more confused than usual.

A great part of that confusion has been instigated by the liberal blogging community, who have had it both ways on the Democratic party for a long time: they regale it and explore its many weaknesses endlessly, yet at the same time demand it’s the only avenue for change. Bloggers call Democrats afraid one day and then furiously raise funds for them the next, oblivious to the contradiction. I’ve seen one blog rip Harry Reid to shreds repeatedly, yet simulatenously exhorting readers to back Democrats and get involved in Senate politics.

Personally I found the contradiction intolerable, along with further capitulation of the Party. Kagro X, a great blogger, just this morning announced the Democrats will own the surge after this Fall, lock stock & barrel. Do liberal bloggers really want to rally the base all they can for a party that owns the surge? I simply can’t do that.

I don’t want to start a fight, and I’m not half the writer and human to the souls I linked to. I’m simply stating the truth in the hope of saving the country, and enabling Democrats who own the surge is something I could never do myself, I just can't.

If there was a specific, real wing or movement of the party I knew had a decent chance for changing the Democratic party I’d join up in a second, but there isn’t. I wish people would understand and not judge me; a great deal of my confusion stems from the behavior of the blogging community itself, and I don’t know what to do.

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