Saturday :: Sep 1, 2007

The Insane Criminality of Dick Cheney

by paradox

One of the reasons Bush and Cheney are so childishly stubborn is that they’re often rewarded for it, they know if they just wait out a fresh felony corporate dysfunctional American journalism won’t pursue the outrage, even if they correctly report the event in real time initially.

Just 30 days ago the Vice President of United States started babbling like a methadone patient, claiming for the first time in the history of our great land his office was not part of the Executive Branch. Cheney, of course, was trying to evade another felony, and with amazing effectiveness his insanity defense worked, he still hasn’t coughed up the evidence to his crime and won’t.

In a Machiavellian perspective Cheney is the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor, just sitting there waiting to be torpedoed into capsized oblivion. Repeated daily coordinated attacks from Congress can easily make Cheney resign in a month over his amazing constitutional stunt, it’s as if Cheney is looking us straight in the face saying the sky is green. Is too.

[Realism demands this question: if Al Gore had done this in 1998, what would have happened? He would have been taken out. If Democrats can't see that or accept the only remedy they'll continue to get pushed around and humiliated, no matter how many elections they win. Victory is never possible with two sets of rules.]

Surely there are capable liberal minds in Congress who see how easy it is to corner Cheney until he puts on his straightjacket, leadership failure be damned, all it takes is ten representatives and senators to daily twist the knife in, and if they enlist the blogosphere it will be all the easier and quicker.

It’s necessary to stop the war with Iran, simply continued rumors of that element of Cheney’s insanity should be enough for ten patriots in Congress to go after him. So what if the Senate already muzzled itself, just 30 days of coordinated attack will take Cheney out without ever having to confront him on national security propaganda, there is no defense whatsoever to what Cheney has done, nothing.

Just think of the fame those ten representatives could achieve by such a glorious accomplishment, surely some naked ambition still burns in the hearts of our reps, not all of them can be bleaters.

Impeachment is out, winning any legislative battles against Bush (when not giving up and surrendering without a fight at all like FISA, where the fuck is your dignity, dudes?) on anything substantive isn’t going to happen, American “journalism” will never take Cheney out, but just ten reps relentlessly pushing Cheney’s insanity and criminality could, it’s that easy.

It’s certainly a great tactic for a Democratic presidential candidate too, especially if one is behind. It’s easy to be funny and entertaining taking Cheney down, he’s so clownish he’s made to order laugh, and it will certainly be a path to great, great popularity with all our citizens. Even our pathetic enabling media knows everyone loathes Cheney, ugh, they won’t be able to do a thing about it, ha.

It’s certainly possible ten reps or a major 2008 candidate sees the golden opportunity to fame and glory, possible enough to keep watching and waiting for. Every liberal blogger would instantly drop everything if asked to help on this, no doubt, and the window of opportunity to put Cheney in a Wyoming straightjacket is still there.

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