Monday :: Sep 10, 2007

Bush-Style Democracy

by Steve

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If George Bush is so committed to spreading democracy throughout the Islamic world, then why does Pervez Musharraf get a free pass without a peep from our State Department, when he arrests the man he toppled back in 1999, who now wants to run against him and was returning from exile, and then forcibly deports him to Saudi Arabia while beating up his supporters?

Where is Condi while this is going on, on another shoe-shopping spree?

Any other administration would have lodged an official protest or even recalled its ambassador over such a blatant display of dictatorial abuse. But not the Bush Administration. We know why the Bush Administration will not lift a finger here. The former prime minister was cleared to return to Pakistan after the exile agreement Musharraf forced on him years ago was ruled to be invalid by the Pakistan Supreme Court last month, because the agreement wasn't with Pakistan but rather with the Saudi government. After talking with Musharraf over the weekend, the Saudi intelligence and security services decided that the former prime minister was violating his exile agreement and would be banished to Saudi Arabia, as if the Pakistani Supreme Court decision hadn't been issued.

The Bush Administration is allowing the Saudis and Pakistanis, of all regimes given their records of oppression and support for Al Qaeda and those who attack us to this day, to decide what is democratic in this part of the world.

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