Saturday :: Sep 15, 2007

Petraeus To Rudy: Stop Using My Picture

by Steve

On the day when Hillary Clinton earns the endorsement of a respected former general, Rudy Giuliani gets slapped by the Pentagon for using General Petraeus' picture without permission in Rudy's attack ad yesterday in the NYT. Rudy went further and used Petraeus in his attack ads against Hillary on his website, which was too much for Petraeus or SecDef Gates to stomach.

The interesting dynamic here is that used a picture of Petraeus in its ad, yet MoveOn isn't part of an identified candidate's campaign. Rudy on the other hand either didn't know or didn't care that it was unacceptable for an identified candidate to use Petraeus' image, or that of other soldiers. What is worse, that Rudy's campaign didn't check DOD regulations or ask Petraeus' permission first before using him and the soldiers for a hit piece, or just didn't care?

So when do we see the Giuliani campaign apologize for the ads?

Yeah, right.

Hat tip to Talking Points Memo

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