Sunday :: Sep 16, 2007

Eli Pariser Steps Up

by paradox

In our glorious time with the Republic, our shining democracy of towering righteousness and thundering strength derived from the great American people confidently employing the noble principles of this land for 225 years, circumstance and the human experience have delivered us domestic political opponents who are dense, childish, brutal bullies.

No, not a debate on the merits of employment versus inflation. Not a meticulous sociology of employment growth after investing billions to inner cities. Not a vast array of scientific efforts to combat a multitude of critical human issues (cancer, climate, genetics), nothing to do with the Library of Congress, no complicated analyses, no nuanced debates. Debased, regressive, abusive bullying of the most flagrant playground variety, that is the dominant mentality of American politics, circa 2007.

Our old friend Ari Fleishcer came back to play this summer, throwing a few slaps and punches around over the Iraq war and then, given enough cash for the hit, punched the Democrats in the face after spitting on their shoes: these traitors were trying to politicize the Justice Department scandal!

Classic modern Republican politics: a tactic of unbelievable arrogance, a sickening debasement of truth, a searing reek of hypocrisy that slams the Democrats into a hopeless position (politicians aren’t supposed to politicize issues?). Most glaring of all is the monstrous stupidity of the American public assumed and demanded by the tactic, it’s deliberately debasing and regressive.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Wapo and Nyt’s will not say a word, just watch the abuse. Fox and talk radio will get the memo every morning and actively help. 80% of the Democratic base will demand maturity and non-response while Ari Fleischer, one of the most relentless energetic political flaks the world has ever seen, daily makes outrageous slimes and filthy smears with no regard to the truth.

The result was also classically modern America: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, meekly announced that after Republicans flung dog shit on them and the country by lying’n defying Congress over the roles of Rove and Miers in various felonies that no subpoenas were coming forth to force the truth into the open.

Even after winning in 2006 Democrats are crying in a corner and totally powerless to oppose in any meaningful way; the point here is not angrily scold the incompetent failing twerps, but to smash through the denial of Democrats and bystanders who refuse to acknowledge the reality of our politics or the obviously disastrous results. Our political environment is broken, for Christ’s sake see it, know it, we’ve lost the country and are effectively in a schoolyard mentality fight.

We can wish it were better and know it’s so easy to be loftily mature in comforting detachment, but the fact remains that Nancy Pelosi just gave up and invited a lot more future bullying and abuse. That’s the empirical result of our American political environment, it must be fought out of, it cannot be wished away in some dream of futile maturity.

More confirmation of the abusive, effective bullying arrived last week when Ted Olson was floated as a possible Attorney General. It almost defies belief Republicans could even dream of the tactic, they’re in such a terrible political position, but they have that utter confidence of bullies, many past experiences of flagrant abusive have empirically delivered great rewards, so they do it reflexively.

That’s what the Olson float was, a taunt, a flagrant fuck you of defiance, a jab to install fear that nothing, we mean nothing, is too low for us, we’ll hit back at you with some of the meanest cruel shit we can think of, just watch us.

Finally, at last, somebody actively tried to hit back the bullying last week: one Eli Pariser of He used a rather immature—but extremely effective—rhyming twist to directly question the patriotism, morality and honesty of a lying propagandist murdering US general officer. That’s precisely what Republicans have been doing to Democrats in the most disgusting regressive fashion for 15 years, but there was one vast difference in Eli Pariser’s tactic: it was true.

Horrified Republican bullies frantically responded how uncivil it all was, how dare Democrats play by the rules and tactics we set up! When bullies react that fast only one thing could have happened: the tactic worked, it hit home hard and they’re vulnerable.

That is precisely the time to instantly re-double the tactic to make them pay for hitting back and using it in the first place. Senators, bloggers, Representatives and activist org’s should have immediately thought of another rhyme that was equally true and thrown it right back at them until they finally shut up from hurting so much. It truly can happen.

Of course this time it did not, Democrats retreated or didn’t back up Eli, which the bullying Republicans gratefully noticed, that’s why that nauseating bully Guiliani is clubbing MoveOn and Hillary Clinton right now with it, it’s always easy to beat somebody up when their friends don’t come to help them.

Help didn’t arrive out of cowardice, not at all, but a disastrous mentality that to engage with Eli’s tactic is too much of a maturity debasement, a sort of fake-it-‘till-you-make-it aloofness that we’re too good to fight back like this.

That’s all well and good, but the fact remains that’s precisely how the fight will play out, immature blunt mechanisms that should be more refined for such an old democracy but simply aren’t, wishing or demanding it be different will not make it so. Yes Democrats are winning elections and Republicans are imploding. Yet if Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker but can’t issue a subpoena because the bullying environment has crippled her, what good did all that maturity detachment do for her and us?

If it’s so god damn distasteful to fight surely the task can be assigned, not everybody has to do it. Maybe Rahm Emanuel could actually effectively “message” for once and back up Eli up then next time he fights back for us. Maybe some day.

When I can rationalize giving more money away I’ll hit y’all up with PayPal, Mr. Pariser. Thank you.

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