Thursday :: Sep 20, 2007

Jena 6, The MoveOn Senate Vote and the AARP Debate

by Jeff Dinelli

Thousands of demonstrators are in tiny Jena, Louisiana today protesting initial charges of attempted murder against 6 black youths who beat a white boy in December. Speaking about the racially charged case, that highlights a real disparity of justice, yesterday on Al Sharpton's radio show, Hillary Clinton called it a "teachable moment for America."

"People need to understand that we cannot let this kind of inequality and injustice happen anywhere in America." Hillary, who is picking up a lot of African-American support, said she put in a request to the Bush Administration to have the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department investigate the case because "we have a responsibility to confront racial injustice and intolerance anywhere."

Notably absent in this ongoing debate, ducking a fight and catching some heat for it, is Barack Obama.

Also today, in the Senate, Hillary rightfully voted against the Cornyn Amendment, designed to censure for the infamous Petreaus ad. Noteably absent, despite voting for the Boxer amendment an hour earlier, and sadly ducking another fight, was Barack Obama.

Tonight Hillary will appear in Davenport for an Iowa AARP-sponsored Presidential Candidates Forum, in a state where a very large percentage of caucus-goers are seniors. Noteably absent, perhaps ducking a potential fight during the debate, is going to be Barack Obama, seemingly unable or unwilling to take a chance on anything these days.

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