Monday :: Sep 24, 2007

After Iraq, Show Us The Proof Now

by Steve

Image courtesy of Crooks and Liars

If anyone wanted proof that the Bush Administration is ramping up its usual strategic information campaign to plant misinformation about Iran, one had to look no further than Scott Pelley’s embarrassing performance as administration mouthpiece last night on “60 Minutes”. In an interview with Iranian president Ahmadinejad in advance of his visit today to New York, Pelley ditched being a reporter to play the part of administration attack dog, hitting the smiling Ahmadinejad with allegations straight from the Bush Administration without any proof. After using the New York Times to sell the world on Iraqi WMDs that didn’t exist, the administration has now found a willing accomplice in CBS News to help sell a war with Iran and make Ahmadinejad the new Saddam, despite Ahmadinejad’s denials to the contrary.

Yes, Ahmadinejad is a relatively powerless guy who likes to hear himself talk too much, but you have to note the irony of Pelley’s question about Ahmadinejad’s behavior being so apt a description of Bush and his administration.

When will the Pentagon and Bush Administration show whatever proof they have to the UN that these weapons are coming from the Iranian government, and not from arms merchants who operate freely in the region with our support? And no, claims from former White House staffer Brig. General Kevin Bergner don't count.

If Pelley was still a reporter, and if CBS News was still a news organization instead of a Viacom/Sumner Redstone GOP propaganda outlet, it would have demanded that the Bush Administration go on record with its proof of direct Iranian complicity before doing the hit piece last night. But then, this is the same alleged news organization that buried the Niger forgeries story, and then ran over Dan Rather and Mary Mapes to bury the Bush TANG memo story without anyone ever disproving the content of those memos, so what do we expect? The administration knows it can count on CBS News to play the part of the NYT this time around, as evidenced by Pelley's performance as administration shill last night.

Show us the proof of direct Iranian complicity, or STFU.

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