Wednesday :: Sep 26, 2007

Practice What You Preach

by Steve

What kind of credibility does Bush have at the UN when the man who invaded and now occupies Iraq on lies and deceit, and who runs secret prisons and rendition programs as well as Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib lectures the world community on the need for all countries to oppose tyranny and respect human rights?

And until yesterday’s speech at the UN, how many times in the last six years did Bush focus his attention on Burma, or was the newfound concern over that country’s oppression simply a misdirection attempt away from his own record? Neither the Times nor the Post gave this speech stand-alone Page One coverage, but instead lumped Bush's irrelevant pleadings in with the freak show surrounding Ahmadinejad's speech yesterday.

This country has so degraded itself worldwide that a speech by the president of the United States at the UN is brushed off as empty theater, and America has no one to blame but itself for this. No one stormed the streets in 2000 when the GOP Supreme Court broke precedent and handed an election to a cabal that lost the popular vote, and perhaps the world community gave us a pass for that. But to then elect this same cabal in 2004 only reinforced to the rest of the world that Americans were no longer entitled to any respect, but instead had to now earn it back over a generation.

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