Friday :: Sep 28, 2007

A Knight in Shining Armor, Coming to Our Emotional and Media Rescue

by paradox

There’s a line of political thinking that the candidate is everything no matter what the party influence and organization, one must have a charismatic powerful personality, a political warrior voters can personally identify with, to be a successful politician. One side points to the effervescent William Clinton--master candidate in a weak party--as the positive affirmation of this theory, while the other brings forth George Bush—spawn of Satan, terrible candidate in a powerful party—as the negative.

Half the energy of the blogosphere, it has seemed in the last five years, has been spent frantically supporting media reform sites (Media Whores Online, Media Matters, and countless posts doing everything possible to try and get our wretched journalism better. It has been a collective organizational effort with no charismatic media leaders, progress grim and fitful, as last week so dismayingly showed.

First to freshly befoul our media environment was the offensively fetid Bill O’Reilly, a predatory twisted personality that should have been fired long ago for his sexual harassment. Incredibly, O’Reilly made blatantly racist remarks last week about blacks in restaurants that could only come from a sick, grossly immature mind that hasn’t developed beyond that of a 12 year old. It’s a dangerous, poisonously offensive mentality that should be fired now, today, and the fact that he hasn’t displays how disgusting, racist and regressive Fox News truly is.

Next was Satan’s cousin, drug addict racist Rush Limbaugh, who actually had the offensive arrogance to state American active duty troops who criticized Iraq were “phony soldiers.” After the nauseating, humiliating, utterly disgraceful debasement Congress put itself through over MoveOn we shall see if Rush is subjected to the same clutch of pearls and firestorm of criticism the country had to put up with last week, a very doubtful scenario, yes, but people are trying.

What sickening jackals our corporate masters inflict upon us, such disgraceful dogs of deliberate ignorance and hurt. Is it truly possible for our nauseating media environment to sink any further as these lowlifes keep their jobs?

Into this dark, gloomy atmosphere reeking of death and lies, years of futile assault against one of the greatest propaganda fortresses of all time beating down weary blogger and website warriors of truth, suddenly comes a shining knight of great powers, vast powers of magnitude over the corporate propagandists only now being dimly glimpsed.

He is instantly known and recognized by 90% of the country. He can single-handedly expose all the sinister inner workings of one of the legacy Big Three propaganda shops, CBS. He can blow the cover off two huge stories, the propaganda regression of US media and the heinous military service record of George Bush. He can do more to potentially improve the US media environment than all of the historical efforts on the web combined in just one lawsuit. He can haul the President of the United States into court to testify under oath!

He is…Dan Rather. No freaking kidding, this corporate puppet has had enough of being screwed and is fighting back, and there simply is no way the US propaganda corps can ignore this story like they did with Valerie Plame. Rather was far too much a televison insider for generations and knows how to manipulate these clowns into coverage if he wants to.

Long ago Rather was described as a strange man in a strange job, and it only got weirder over the years as this old school professional journalist became a yapping propaganda talking head, acting as if he was still in a profession as he proclaimed “where the President goes, I go.” Chameleons have nothing on Dan Rather, this guy can change into anything after what he put himself through at CBS.

Yet the power and ability to do that only left a career ending in tattered shame, something Rather has obviously not decided should be his exit. Let the cheering and huzzas begin, ring bells throughout the land, light candles while accepting forgiveness for his past, for out of nowhere in one of our darkest hours a great Knight of Truth has appeared to bring great light and hope to us all. Go forth with all our blessings and goodwill, Dan Rather, may the light of Truth guide your way as you slay the corporate propaganda and political beasts.

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