Sunday :: Sep 30, 2007

Good Deeds Done Well

by paradox

Every now and again it’s important for the community to note what’s gone very well lately and slap out some high five, a little gratitude jive in some wearying times. [h/t Christy Harden Smith]

/* I gave Markos Moulitsas a hard time when he announced his Fellowship program, telling him no matter how he rationalized it opening the banner space at Daily Kos to finance the program was still taking money from The Man. The few times I’ve had to log in at Daily Kos (I don’t normally see ads with a lifetime membership) I haven’t even seen the banner utilized for revenue, yet the Fellowship program continues to grow and thrive.

Not only is this of great benefit to the liberal community, of course, but it’s also immensely gratifying personally to see good writers get paid for their work. I will give when I can, thank you, Markos, congratulations on yet again another successful implementation.

/* Think Progress is now accepting potential blog posts from any writer/producer talented enough to submit one, a truly daunting editorial challenge they call a Blog Fellows Program. Get good enough and Think Progress will take you on with real money and a superb foundation for an activist career.

If I remember correctly Chris Bowers was not trained for activism, but one day with the net available chose it with all his soul and talent. There are more Chris Bowers out there, know it, and one just might take Think Progress up on their opportunity some day. Just a small chance of that happening makes it very worthwhile and a great idea, thank you, Think Progress, very well done indeed.

/* Eli Pariser is a tireless fighter for the liberal cause, yes, but MoveOn is also developing a new kind of political worker in its employee corps that should be uniquely qualified for Congressional staff work. His employees are in a new realm of net writing and activism, and it’s time our precious little Congress warriors start taking them on, we need to get real net liberals on the hill.

It’s my great hope that very soon a new kind of litmus test arises for supporting and giving to liberal candidates, this current insanity of giving to anyone with a D next to their name is never working for me again. Are there any net liberals on your straff? No? Take off, DC bitch, you’re simply not to be trusted. I’m certainly open to some kind of filter or test that chucks loser consultants and lousy ripoff ad firms, too.

Anyway, beyond all the rest of what you’ve done, Mr. Pariser, thanks for training a new generation of net activist workers, I’m positive some of them are going to do great things.

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