Monday :: Oct 1, 2007

Hillary Will Cosponsor Webb Amendment On Iran

by Steve

As I said earlier, I question the wisdom of Hillary’s vote last week in favor of the Lieberman/Kyl nonbinding “sense of the Senate” resolution that designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist outfit. Given the resolutions still on the books from 2001 and 2002, doing this was risky for any Democrat who wants to avoid a replay of how the Senate allowed Bush to launch the Iraq war. It now seems that in the aftermath of that vote and the release of Seymour Hersh’s latest update about the White House war plans against Iran, Hillary has clarified her position on Iran.

Taylor Marsh tells us that Hillary will announce shortly that she will be a cosponsor of Jim Webb’s soon-to-be-reintroduced amendment on Iran, which specifically requires Bush to obtain congressional approval prior to any broad military action against Iran, albeit with exceptions. These exceptions would allow the military to repel an attack from within Iran, to prevent an imminent attack from Iran, and to continue hot pursuit of forces from Iran back into that country. Some of those exceptions are large enough for Cheney and his minions to drive trucks through, but they also allow our military a critical self-defense and response capability as well. And the first two exceptions are likely to never come to pass, given the nature of Iran’s alleged activities within Iraq against our forces.

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