Tuesday :: Oct 2, 2007

No More Capitulations

by Steve

Perhaps the House Democratic leadership has figured out a way to translate large amounts of support from the public on Iraq and the SCHIP funding battle into a viable legislative strategy: stop rushing to capitulation and instead let the GOP sink from its own extremism.

With the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll showing that no more than 25% of Americans support Bush’s Iraq blank check or veto of an SCHIP expansion, Democrats have decided to take their 70% support on both issues and force Bush and his GOP allies to be accountable for their positions. Instead of rushing an override vote of an expected Bush veto on SCHIP, Democrats will hold off any override until vulnerable GOP supporters of the president’s veto are pounded for weeks and weeks for their vote. And the House Democratic leadership will now hold off any action on the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental until next year, when the middle of the campaign season will present a different and stronger anti-war dynamic than now. The House leadership made it clear that any additional funding will be conditioned on mission change language, troop rotation requirements, and a required emphasis on diplomacy all tied to a January 2009 redeployment. Both Hillary and Obama have made it clear that they will not vote for another blank check on Iraq.

Every time the Democrats were run over this year, whether it be the first war funding debacle back in May or the FISA evisceration in August, it came as a result of Democrats being stampeded by a false GOP-instigated deadline backed up with a threat of being bashed by the White House. And the Democrats have paid for those mistakes.

With a poll now showing that the country supports the Democrats by 3-1 on the issues, perhaps Democrats can stop waiving the white flags at the first sign of GOP bullying and make the White House and Republican leadership simmer in their extremism. If the White House and GOP leadership want to have a real debate about who supports the troops or who really supports the children, bring it on. If the GOP wants another Iraq blank check, make John Boehner and Mitch McConnell get the votes for it next year. Let's see how many vulnerable GOP senators and representatives want to vote against the wishes of 70-75% of the public in the midst of the campaign.

Is it any wonder that Bush will slither away from any public recognition that he vetoed the SCHIP bill?

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