Wednesday :: Oct 3, 2007

The Pentagon Controls Armed Forces Radio

by paradox

Wes Clark has done a brave good thing in calling for the removal of Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio, but the mechanism for removing him resides within the impenetrable fortress (for liberals, anyway) of the Pentagon. Even if we could get significant Congressional help (uh, yeah) it seems difficult to believe SecDef would ever go along with firing Rush from the AFR.

Dana Priest seems to think if the order to attack Iran ever truly came down the Air Force would revolt, something that seems totally implausible to me. If the orders arrive Air Force officers will follow them and fly the missions, no entity in the Pentagon is even remotely brave or rebellious enough to flatly disobey combat orders.

There’s an infinitesimally small possibility, one supposes, that the Pentagon will wake up to what tools and suckers they’ve been to swear allegiance to Republicans (delivering a broken Army and Marine Corps, for starters) and fire Rush from the AFR as a sign of independence, a way to show that no, the Pentagon is not the disgusting boot-licking Republican prostitute everyone thinks it is. Stranger things have happened in this world, and Rush is truly caught badly this time, not only in the original terrible gaffe but also in doctoring transcripts trying to hide it.

Extremely doubtful, though. Even when this animal Rush calls their own combat soldiers phony the Pentagon will still enable him and promote him, and if the orders come down to attack Iran the Air Force and the Navy will fly the missions, oh yes.

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