Wednesday :: Oct 10, 2007

State And FBI Whitewashing Blackwater Inquiry

by Steve

The New York Times reports in its Friday edition that after four weeks of the State Department's Blackwater investigation, the Defense Department and Iraqi investigators are being shut out of the inquiry by the FBI and State. So much for an objective inquiry that won't be a whitewash.

Keep in mind that both the bureau and State are already compromised as parties with a conflict of interest in objectively investigating Blackwater. It turns out that State's preliminary report on Blackwater's role in the slaughter of innocent Iraqis that led to this inquiry was written by . . . Blackwater itself. And the FBI cannot be counted on to conduct an objective review of the firm because Blackwater provides security for bureau staff whenever they have business inside Iraq.

So all this effort by the Bush Administration and Condi to pretend that they are investigating Blackwater is a whitewash that neither the Iraqis nor the military will believe.

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