Friday :: Oct 19, 2007

Iraqis Give China And Iran A Head Start

by Steve

At a time when the Bush Administration has proven unable to push the Iraqis towards political reconciliation or to rebuild the country’s economic infrastructure, look who the Iraqis have cut deals with for power plants. The total failure of the Bush policy is on full display here.

The Chinese:

    1. Let the Americans die providing overall security in the country, while they
    2. Invest directly in Shiite areas to guarantee security from the Iranians and Shiite leaders.

It's brilliant for the Chinese and Iranians to be investing directly into Sadr City and southern Iraq, allowing the Shiite militia leaders to be local power brokers providing services and jobs through this economic development. Our focus has been on working out local security arrangements with the Sunnis, and right under our noses, the Iraqi government lets the Chinese and Iranians cement long-term economic relationships with the Shiite militias, without the Chinese having to make any security investment of their own. The Kurds are already cutting energy deals with non-US firms, the Shiites are cutting energy deals with Iranian and Chinese firms, and we are left with the Sunnis, the one party without oil. When it comes to divvying up the oil inside Iraq, does anyone think we will be at the head of the line over China, Russia, or Europe, the folks who have smartly not sown enemies throughout the country?

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