Sunday :: Oct 28, 2007

Truth Left Too Unspoken

by paradox

In my misery after the 2004 election I was dimly aware of a spontaneous internet site that displayed images of ordinary citizens holding signs of regret and apology for the election of Bush, we’re sorry, I think it was called. Apparently it was quite amusing at times but I just couldn’t bear to look, thinking at the time at least some Americans had the grace and manners to extend sorrow and condolences to our fellow citizens on the planet for the hideous animal America had inflicted upon us all for another four years.

I remembered those people as news came in last week that George Bush had stood before Europeans and actually ranted that a missile shield had to be implemented to meet the threat of Iran. The mind reels at the insanity of it all, this despised felon with nothing but death and failure fouling the air around him in a hideous reek, at the helm of yet another train wreck in his life, actually thinking he sounds credible in front of serious, accomplished humans of great history with some lunatic scheme.

If that weren’t bad enough a shrinking embarrassment instantly follows, good Lord, what must the Europeans think? After 225 years of alleged democracy this is what America comes up with to inflict upon them?

If I could extend a sincere gaze to the Europeans reading this (3 in the last 100 visitors to the blog on this sleepy Sunday morning) I’d like to offer my full heartfelt apology for this disgusting killer who dares to call himself a president after the way he grossly—yet again—insulted your intelligence, history and morality with his foul lunatic ranting last week. We take extremely small solace in the bleak fact he’s the worst president we’ve ever had, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see such a fuckup for an Executive again, at least.

Yes, the hidden fangs of fascism in all this horror are frightening to us too. There are many reasons for why the dismaying phenomena of Bush is currently shackled upon the United States, but if forced to choose the primary element, the driving force in all this failure, one would have to say journalism/media failure, the country simply has lost any relevant ability to perceive and discuss the truth.

It’s why so many pioneering progressive sites of the United States left have their roots in media reform, why so many still are primarily engaged in improving “journalism” and spreading the truth. It’s also why Bush continues to behave like some mental patient, US “journalism” totally ignored the raging insanity of the Iran Missile Shield, just blandly slipped in the basic facts before hurriedly moving on. If journalists actually reported the truth of what a lying killing lunatic Bush is with real context he’d stop doing it, but in my America Bush has never been held accountable for anything he’s said.

Don’t take my word for it: via The Mahablog, Arthur Silber: “That quality is one of overwhelming, oppressive and suffocating unreality. It is as if everyone knows, but will never acknowledge, that we may speak only in code, and that we may only utilize the safe, empty phrases that we have agreed are “acceptable” — phrases and language that are safe precisely because they have been drained of all correspondence to facts.”

I have no idea if this most basic element of human survival, the ability to successfully use truth, will ever return to the United States. We’re trying, and I do not agree with Silber in the least that even with the truth blared brilliantly no one still wants hear it. The truth is an indomitable force of great power, the internet would not be here if so many humans didn’t fervently seek the truth.

My personal beacon of truth that has always been denied and hidden by US “journalism” was yet again found at The Mahablog this morning: “The attacks of September 11, 2001 were not the singular, all-transforming event that changed everything. Rather, it was the Supreme Court decision of 2000 that changed everything, a consequence of that single monumental failure to protect the Constitution…”

Thankfully for you, my good European brothers and sisters, Bush will leave very soon but unfortunately he comes back here, we’re stuck with the war felon all of next year still, then even most of January! I don’t know if we can stop this lunatic from attacking Iran. I don’t know if as a country we can consistently use the truth again, but many of us are trying pretty hard. We’ll keep trying.

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