Sunday :: Oct 28, 2007

IAEA Sees No Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

by Steve

IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei pretty much blew the recent Bush Administration sanctions right out of the water today when he asserted that the IAEA had no evidence that the Iranians had an active nuclear weaponization program underway, nor did the IAEA have any evidence that the Iranians were producing weapons grade uranium.

The recent Bush sanctions against Iran were aimed at the Quds Force for being a terrorist organization, and against the whole Revolutionary Guard for possessing a WMD program through its ballistic missile program. What ElBaradei has done is to eliminate the casus belli against the Revolutionary Guard. There is no claim that Iran has chemical or biological weapons, and the IAEA has just eliminated the Cheney cabal's nuclear bogeyman. So those ballistic missiles are nothing more than that: ballistic missiles to be used in either an offensive or self defense capability, but without WMDs.

As things stand now, the remaining cause of action against Iran would be for the actions of the Quds Force inside Iraq against our forces, and not against the alleged nuclear threat which ElBaradei dismissed today. If the IAEA says Iran doesn't appear to have a nuclear weapons program now, it is unlikely they'll acquire one between now and the end of Bush's term. So for Bush to make a credible case for an attack against Iran in the world community, he would have to sell it on the Quds Force threat alone, a threat that the Iraqis themselves dismiss.

It should be noted that this was the lead story on the NBC Sunday Night newscast.

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