Wednesday :: Nov 7, 2007

Morning Notes

by Steve

Feinstein/Schumer Cave In

Although the water boarding issue got all the attention, the main reason for any Democrat to vote against Mukasey for AG, despite any lame ass threats from Bush about recess appointments, is that Mukasey would not commit to the separation of powers at his hearings and told the Senate to its face that the president might be empowered to ignore Congress when it suits him. And yet Chuckles Schumer and DiFi voted for this guy anyway. When Mukasey affirms the unitary executive down the road and tells the Senate to go f*ck itself, remember which Democrats made Congress irrelevant.

An Override of a Bush Veto

Bush is about to be overridden on his veto of a water projects bill. Yesterday, the House voted overwhelmingly to override Bush’s veto and the Senate is expected to do likewise today. A good number of House Republicans who couldn’t be bothered to override Bush’s veto of children’s health insurance found no such problem for this bill.

My Buddy Pervez

How upset is Bush about Musharraf’s dictatorial purge in Pakistan if he still hasn’t spoken to him personally to express his concerns?

Rudy Moves Beyond 9/11

Sensing that he cannot win a general election by talking only about 9/11, Giuliani is broadening his message to now include his empty appeals on health care, crime, and fiscal discipline. As laughable as that platform will sound several weeks from now, Giuliani’s virtue is that he can talk simply with some conviction and emotion, just like any small man looking for a balcony can do. Hillary needs to reprogram herself to speak plainly and concisely about what she believes in and will do as president, and move beyond the last debate.

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