Wednesday :: Nov 7, 2007

Out The DINOs

by Steve

Is there any reason why Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer shouldn't shine a light on the Bush Dogs in their own caucus and out them for the corporate scum they really are? The Blue Dogs oppose mortgage reform that could help the middle class because they want to protect banks and the despicable 2005 bankruptcy bill, all while voting with Bush on the war. When does Nancy point out the obvious: that these are DINOs who sell out their own constituents for campaign cash and to further a tragic war?

Some would say that confronting the DINOs may split the caucus and force some of them to stop working with the leadership or at most switch parties. We in essence already have that, yet the DINOs get the cover of being Democrats at a time when the GOP agenda is cratering. Pelosi and Hoyer need to tell the Blue Dogs that if they can't support their Main Street over Wall Street, and can't stop rubber stamping this war, then they aren't Democrats and should switch parties. It would call out into the open the real problem facing both she and Harry Reid: neither of them really has a Democratic caucus but rather a hodgepodge of free agents who whore themselves to corporate cash and are too afraid of being smeared by a White House with a 24% approval rating.

The Blue Dogs would say that they are only representing their purple or red districts instead of being Nancy's lapdogs. But Hoyer and Pelosi need to shine a light on such hollow defenses by asking each Dog individually what poll in their districts shows the war to be so popular that it needs to be rubber stamped, and to point to a poll that shows their constituents want to be reamed by banks and Wall Street.

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