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Hillary Clinton's Utterly Obnoxious Triangulating Double Talk

by eriposte

I have been observing this circus for a while and I guess it is time to say this. Another (why another?) fascinating aspect about the Obama-Edwards Reality-Based Straight-Talk CommunityTM is that they make it seem like they have been clamoring all these years for another American President who believes you are either clearly for something or clearly against something. No shades of grey allowed. Someone who believes that you are either with us or against us. That, in a nutshell, appears to be their definition of how true, non-polarizing "progressive" leaders think! The kind of leaders who work together with both sides to get things accomplished - as long as the other side just agrees with you on everything. Sound familiar? Just stop for a minute and think about the implications of that. In other words, there is no real nuance allowed in the world according to the Obama-Edwards Reality-Based Straight-Talk CommunityTM - because, you see, nuance is just a bad word for "triangulating double-talker". Which is why the trash-talking media gasbags like Chris Matthews and the many overpaid clowns like him lap this up like they lapped it up the last 7 nightmarish years.

Anyway, since we are on the subject, let me offer more proof for Hillary Clinton's double talk. Here's Politico via Talk Left (emphasis mine):

Former Senator John Edwards (N.C.) has been accusing his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) of double-talk for a week, since she refused to say clearly whether illegal immigrants should get driver's licenses – but his own position on the issue is also incoherent, experts say.

Immigration policy experts on both sides of the debate say they're puzzled by Edwards’ stance, which appears to hinge on blurring the distinction between state and federal powers.

"He supports licenses as part of a path to citizenship. He doesn't support the Spitzer plan because it doesn't include a path to citizenship," said Edwards' deputy campaign manager Jonathan Prince in an e-mail referring to the New York governor’s plan that prompted the question that flummoxed Clinton.

"That's not a rational position — Eliot Spitzer couldn't ever offer somebody a path to citizenship," said Margie McHugh, the Co-Director of the National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy at the Migration Policy Institute, which favors immigration reform.

"I don't know if they think you're stupid or what they think," said Frank Sharry, the executive director of the National Immigrantion Forum, another broadly pro-immigration policy shop.

Warning! There's more Reality-Based, Principled, Straight-TalkTM ahead!

Sharry laughed aloud when read Prince’s statement of Edwards’ position.

That is "sort of like saying I oppose the confederate flag in Southern states because there's not a corresponding flag burning amendment to it. It's nonsensical," Sharry said.

Indeed, opposing Spitzer's plan on those grounds amounts to de facto opposition to any driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, something Edwards and his aides have not previously stated.

That's a dramatic shift from Edwards' stand in 2004, when he told "Hardball's" Chris Matthews, "I'm for it," when asked about licenses for illegal immigrants.

It is indeed sad that Hillary Clinton is such a triangulating, flip-flopping, unprincipled, double talker. (And by the way, don't forget, World Nut Daily has a new exclusive - the Eeeevil Clintons not only murdered Vince Foster but also Kathleen Willey's husband!!!!)

P.S. Here's what Clinton said on illegal immigrant drivers licenses to Candy Crowley earlier this week, answering in a way George Bush never could, and completely consistent with what she said in the debate and her subsequent statement:

[CNN's CANDY] CROWLEY: If I wrote a story that said: "Absent a broad illegal immigration bill, Hillary Clinton agrees about giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants," is that correct?

CLINTON: No. What I have said is that I support what governors are trying to do. And governors are on the front lines because of the failures to get comprehensive immigration reform. There are already eight states that issues driver's licenses without any verification of citizenship. That is a decision that the governors and legislatures and the people of those states have made. I understand…

CROWLEY: But you see why people think…

CLINTON: Well, but you know, Candy…

CROWLEY: … that you are not answering the question.

CLINTON: Well, but you know, Candy, well, but I think that if you go back and look at the complexity of this issue, I don’t think a lot of these hard questions lend themselves to raising your hand. And I know that that’s easier in a 30 second context to try to do. I think the fact that governors are being forced into this position is really unfortunate. They should not be making immigration policy. The federal government should be making immigration policy and that’s what I’m going to try to do as president again and I do not believe that in the context of federal immigration reform that that would be an issue that governors would have to contend with.

CROWLEY: So it’s – I know it’s not a yes or no question to you but you’ve had some time here and the problem is that people can’t quite get a hold of is for a governor at this time, do you think it’s a good idea for them to offer drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants?

CLINTON: It depends upon what state they’re in. It depends upon what they think the risks are. You know. A governor of New York that has a lot of immigrants, many of whom we know are not their legally, has to worry about security. A governor of another state where that’s not a problem doesn’t. This issue has been so politicized and I understand that because you can score points. You can score all kinds of political demagogic points but the fact is if we don’t have comprehensive immigration reform, which for me includes toughening the borders, much harder sanctions on employers, doing more to help local communities that are stuck with the bill on all kinds of services. And bringing immigrants out of the shadows. And if they ever committed a crime where they came from or here, immediately deport them. But for the others, have a tough path to earned legalization. Pay back taxes. Pay fines. Learn English. Wait in line. And once you got somebody on the record registered, deported the criminals, instead they had to keep on the right side of the law, keep making a living and do all of these other things I’ve outlined, that would be the appropriate time to give them some kind of license. But I understand – I’m not going to be second guessing governors who have to do the hard work of figuring out what’s best for their state.

I'm sure the Obama-Edwards Reality-Based Straight-Talk CommunityTM is very very troubled with this.

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