Friday :: Nov 9, 2007

The Incompetent Nancy And Steny Show

by Steve

Well, it looks like Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, after getting outmaneuvered again by the GOP leadership into a nonbinding anti-immigrant vote, have just about lost the Hispanic caucus.

Tensions between Hispanic Democrats and House leaders exploded Friday when a bloc of Hispanic lawmakers voted to derail a major tax bill, relenting only after an angry confrontation on the floor with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md.
The rebellion was a response to votes by 36 Democrats Thursday night in favor of a non-binding Republican motion Hispanic members called offensive. It instructed House conferees on an appropriations bill to accept a Senate-passed provision prohibiting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from suing employers over certain English-speaking requirements.

Do Nancy and Steny talk with their leadership team and have strategy sessions, or do they like walking through a minefield every day?

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said Thursday night’s vote was their breaking point. They retaliated by initially voting against the rule allowing debate of the tax bill, very nearly sinking the measure and prompting a fiery exchange on the floor.
Hoyer was toe-to-toe with the much shorter Joe Baca, D-Calif., chairman of the Hispanic caucus. According to one Hispanic Democrat, Hoyer jabbed his finger at Baca and yelled, “How dare you destroy this party? This will be the worst loss in 10 years.”

Steny, you ignorant ass, how can a loss on a tax bill that is going nowhere be "the worst loss in 10 years", when you can't manage to effectively deal with the GOP on Iraq?

That same Hispanic lawmaker reported that Pelosi said, “You see this on the board? This is against me, this is against me personally.”

Why do Nancy and Steny expect subservience from the Hispanic caucus to save a tax bill that will never make it out of the Senate, and yet never demand the same discipline with the Blue Dog Democrats?

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