Friday :: Nov 9, 2007

New Politics?

by Steve

Several questions and requests of Senator Obama on this Friday afternoon:

Would you please stop your rush to snatch defeat from the jaws of truth and victory and quit talking about a Social Security “crisis” that doesn’t exist, just to score cheap points against Hillary?

In your rush to cloak yourself in the mantle of a new type of “can’t we all get along” political leader, please explain to me how Hillary can simultaneously be a combative culture warrior from the 60’s, and a centrist Bush-lite Beltway insider? What exactly are these fights from the 60’s that you feel are now passé? The fight for women’s rights, the fight against poverty, the fight for civil rights, the fight against lies that lead to unnecessary wars? Why do you continually talk as if the 1990’s didn’t happen, that there wasn’t an orchestrated right wing effort through the media, K Street, and the 1994 GOP revolution to overturn the 1992 and 1996 elections? And why does this theme sound like it came from Andrew Sullivan?

Senator, is Marc Ambinder in December’s Atlantic Monthly correct in reporting that your campaign is running a whispering campaign against Hillary and Bill in South Carolina? Was your campaign behind steering the media onto Clinton’s connections with indicted Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, even though you took money from Hsu as well?

Senator, is your South Carolina campaign involved in assertions that Hillary is having a lesbian affair with a key staffer?

Hat tip to Taylor Marsh and MyDD

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