Wednesday :: Nov 14, 2007

War Funding Bill Moves To Senate

by Steve

Nancy Pelosi got the war funding bill out of the House today, by a vote of 218-203. There were 4 Republicans who voted with 214 Democrats on the bill, and 15 Democrats voted with the GOP against the bill. They were:

Kucinich (?)
Stark (?)

Interestingly, while the NYT reports that Senate Republican leadership will stop the bill once again from coming to a vote in the Senate, the Post says that McConnell would allow it to come for a vote as long as Republicans had the opportunity to introduce and vote on an alternate “no strings” $70 billion measure. That’s right, the GOP is willing to let the Democrats get their bill passed in the Senate and on to a certain White House veto as long as Senate Republicans can go on record in favor of a rubber stamp $70 billion. It’s unclear how many vulnerable GOP senators would vote for a rubber stamp this close to the start of their reelection drives, especially if they are given the chance to vote on a bill with strings that reflects the wishes of more than seventy percent of the American people.

The GOP is arguing that we must continue to rubber stamp the money because things are going so well in Iraq right now. However, tomorrow’s Post also reports that CENTCOM now believes the biggest threat to Iraqi stability and the success of our mission isn’t Al Qaeda or extremists on both sides, but rather the intransigence of the Iraqi government itself. This undermines the entire GOP defense of a rubber stamp approach.

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