Thursday :: Nov 22, 2007

Bungling Legal Immigration For Political Survival

by Steve

If at first they didn't immediately succeed in eliminating millions of likely Democratic voters by politicizing the Justice Department and undermining the Voting Rights Act, the GOP has turned to another way to avoid a drubbing in the 2008 election: make sure that thousands of recent legal immigrants cannot gain citizenship in time to vote in the election.

And why would the GOP pursue a two-track policy of using immigration as a wedge issue to drive their base to the polls next year while doing everything possible to hold down an offsetting wave against the party? Because as Simon Rosenberg's NDN has shown, the GOP is in danger of losing five red and swing states next year to the Democrats if legal immigration allows for thousands of new Hispanic voters.

This is what a minority party does when it knows it can never win an election straight up in the "marketplace of ideas": it grabs power any way that it can, and then uses the full machinery of the government and media through legal and illegal means to stay in power. This, and an inept Democratic opposition allows even an illegal regime to maintain itself.

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