Friday :: Nov 23, 2007

Open Thread - Ask Riyadh Edition

by Steve

Remember when Seymour Hersh told us back in March that Cheney visited the Saudis last November, after which the Saudis expanded their financial support for Sunni militias throughout the Middle East as a counterweight to Iran? Now our military tells us that sixty percent of the foreign fighters against our troops in Iraq over the last 12 months were Saudis or Libyans. Will Carl Levin and Joe Biden do anything about this?

And at a time when the Bush Administration is resisting any congressional attempt to force a mission change in Iraq, CENTCOM is already planning for one. General Petraeus is apparently readying a plan whereby American forces would begin a gradual transition starting next summer from direct combat to supporting the Iraqi military. Yet the plan still calls for having 15 combat brigades in Iraq by the end of 2008, still performing direct combat functions, with no explanation by Petraeus where these troops will come from. So why can’t Levin and other Senate Democratic committee chairs bring themselves to insert language in the supplemental that requires a termination of our active combat role by the end of 2008?

Then again, why can't Levin and Biden use their committees as a platform to demand of the White House and their GOP enablers an answer to a simple question: why should our troops have to fight and die in Iraq against Saudi-financed extremists while we pay $90 a barrel for the royal family's oil?

OK, it's your turn.

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