Tuesday :: Nov 27, 2007

Undocumenteds Use Less Health Care Than Citizens?

by Steve

Another myth propagated by the anti-immigration crowd bites the dust:

Illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries are 50% less likely than U.S.-born Latinos to use hospital emergency rooms in California, according to a study published Monday in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.
"The current policy discourse that undocumented immigrants are a burden on the public because they overuse public resources is not borne out with data, for either primary care or emergency department care," said Alexander N. Ortega, an associate professor at UCLA's School of Public Health and the study's lead author. "In fact, they seem to be underutilizing the system, given their health needs."

Note in the story how the “immigration reform” group never missed a step. They immediately glossed over this finding by harping on the cost of providing medical care to undocumented immigrants, as if the 12 million undocumenteds in this country should just be turned away from getting any care unless they can fully pay for their own, since we know all citizens fully pay for their care now (oops.)

I also find it amusing to see this “immigration reform” group challenge the findings of a RAND study, as if RAND wasn’t as credible a source on objective data as they were.

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