Friday :: Nov 30, 2007

Petraeus Just Now Worries About Returning Refugees?

by Steve

Our military is now complaining that the Iraqi government hasn't come up with a plan to deal with the thousands of refugees who want to return to their homes and neighborhoods, now that security has improved. General Petraeus is now worried that with all of the "calculated sectarian cleansing" that went on under his nose while he surged his way to a PR victory, all the security gains made by the United States will be wiped out if the Iraqi government, which has proven incapable of doing much of anything, cannot deal with the resettlement of all these refugees and the new sectarian battles that will break out across previously Sunni areas. Of course, we are spending millions arming over 100,000 Sunnis these last 6 months, so who does Petraeus think we will be fighting if a new civil war breaks out?

And if you think this latest bit of Bush Administration Iraqi-bashing sounds once more like the whinings of a gang that should have known better, but is only too happy to have another justification for staying forever, join the club.

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