Tuesday :: Dec 4, 2007

Going Fishing

by Steve

When I started this blog back in February 2003 with Kos's help, I wanted to have a small, smart site that addressed many issues, not just elective politics. Lord knows the Bush Administration has given me plenty of material, and I have been fortunate to surround myself with better writers to assist me when I needed to share the load for any number of reasons. My fellow editors, and you, our readers have made it worthwhile for me to slog ahead even when I am out of gas.

But I am at a point in life where the daily demands of the blog and my need to get several book ideas down on paper are in conflict. So I am going to step away from daytime editing duties here at The Left Coaster for about six months so I can focus on writing treatments and summaries of the four political fiction books I have in my head, and see if any of them can sell.

I am fortunate to have a fine group of fellow editors who will keep things going here until June, when I will return to active blogging in some capacity. And I am happy to announce that Turkana from docudharma.com has agreed to come aboard as a new daytime editor. Turkana is not only a contributor at Docudharma, but also a contributor at DailyKos. He is a lifelong political junkie whose first paying job was on a Congressional re-election campaign. He is a now a stay-at-home dad who does a little writing, music, and business on the side.

I will still be around and can be contacted at my email address through the link on the left side of the site. But I need to get some bookwriting done before my head turns to mush. So please welcome Turkana to the mix here at The Left Coaster, and I will see you next year, hopefully with a couple of completed books under my belt. And if any of you know agents for political fiction books, send me a line. It might come in handy.

My best wishes and prayers go out to all of you and your families for this holiday season, and please keep in mind our soldiers and their families. May we all have a happy and healthy 2008, with a clear goal in mind for next November that we make a choice to save our country, its military, as well as our planet.

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